Marvin Phillips

Author. Storyteller. Screenwriter.

As a kid, I read so much that writing was the only reasonable next step for me. Over the years, I have grown as an author because the challenge of filling a blank page keeps me up at night. My heart races as l fill worlds with characters I love and some I love to hate, telling stories of love, loss, passion, death, and purpose. My words are my small extension to the world of the lessons I have failed in, grown through, and learned with triumph.

About me

I Turn My Experiance
into a Story.

I find that my own life and the experiences I’ve had as an individual may be a rich source of inspiration and imagination for my creative writing and storytelling. I love being an author, storyteller, and screenwriter. I get to write how beautiful this and other worlds can be.

My Vision

As I take the time to invest in my craft, I hope that I can capture the vision of what it means to be human. As authors, our words connect with people because they seek out the heart and the emotion it pumps through us. I want to cut away the excess and get to the core of that understanding. I see my writing as an inspiration for what I have seen and a bridge to new ideas and perspectives.

My Mission

I wish I could say literary perfection, but then I would die an unfulfilled man. My goal is the upward and continual honing of my craft. There is always room for improvement, and I want to be an eternal student, soaking up the knowledge of the greats before me while working hard to inspire the greats coming after.

My Goal

My goal is to be a full-time author. The cost of living is not cheap. Especially when you have enough people in your household to have a basketball team(five for the non-sports people), I cannot just promote one book until I am blue in the face. Instead, my goal is to add value by creating works of increasing quality and scale as I improve.

MY best selling book series

Flowers for the undead (Part 1)

 The dead spew spores clouding the sky. Without a bite, anyone can turn. One green cough, a spasm of change, and you are gone…Outside the safety of the walled cities, human monsters roam lost cities in packs picking off the weak.
Life is uncertain and fleeting. Lost in the demons of his past, Abernathy Fitz, a professional deado killer, earns his living reclaiming essential parts of the growing city while struggling to find his sobriety.
He thought he had found his reason in his girlfriend, Jen. So when the worst happens, he is stuck between the choice to let her go or face the unknown to save her.

part 1

Flowers for the undead

the author

marvin phillips

Story that I find when
i go thinking.

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My New Release

Sept 1, 2022

My name’s Abe Fitz, and I was raised during the end of the world…

I fought the spore billowing infected, killed the living, and eventually made it to the walled cities. 

Now I can’t sleep at night.

I became a cleaner. An undead killer who clears infected areas for the city to grow. I thought I was okay. But now, I numb myself with drugs and alcohol just to sleep.

Amid my troubles, Jen found me. She is the light in my dark, my hope for everyday life. She didn’t leave when I told her what I did to get to the city. 

Things were great, then the unthinkable happened… Now, I can either let her go or return to the world that made me a monster.

They already Experiancing what i Experiance.

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My New Story

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